Project outline:

  • July 1-26 Hundreds of candidates, ages 16-18 in schools all over the world submit candidacy.
  •  July 26- August 2 A committee, headed by Nobel Laureate Prof. Avraham Hershko, honorary President of IsraelTeenTech, composed of top researchers and representatives will choose the participants based on technological competencies, community activity excellence and recommendations of teachers, principals and community leaders.
  • August 2 – Participants’ acceptance announcements.
  •  August 3- 7, the participants will be divided into mixed work groups during the month of July; each group will have assigned mentors and a mission to generate and promote innovative solutions to medical & healthcare related issues in the Area of Digital Health and Tele-Medicine.
  •  August 10-17 preparation for the Hackathon.
  • August 19-20  Hackathon
  • The competition will be mentored and refereed by a professional committee of the highest scientific level. All participants, will be invited to continue the innovative activity in a virtual technological incubator designated exclusively for this program’s veterans. This “exclusive club of young entrepreneurs” will serve as the main tool for the ongoing relationship among the young participants after the competition ends.