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ABOUT IsraelTeenTech


IsraelTeenTech aims to expose young tech enthusiasts and would-be entrepreneurs to the advantages of the state of Israel as a scientific and technological world leader. Over the past years young, willing, highly motivated boys and girls that have “what it takes” have been confronted face to face with cutting edge digital technology challenges. Participation in the competition is the beginning of an ongoing, intellectual and emotional bond.  During the program participants are exposed to the best minds in Israel, those who made Israel into the start-up nation.

In accordance with the new challenges that we face due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, IsraelTeenTech Hackathon will take place this coming summer Online.

From the very beginning of the Covid 19 Pandemic we realized IsraelTeenTech must become part of the international efforts in the war against the virus and its implications.

Thus, based on our experiences in the past few years, we decided to organize the only international Digital Hackathon for young entrepreneurs!

We know your strengths, we recognize your abilities. We therefore invite you to participate in this important initiative at which you be able, with our help, to look for technological solutions for the challenges we face, all over the world, due to the Covid 19

The main topic of the competition this year will be Digital Health and Tele-Medicine.